Adventures in Austria and Elsewhere

Some amazing views out over Prague, as seen from the Castle. The second picture is the unbelievably intricate Church inside the Castle.

Probably one of the coolest areas I stumbled upon accidentally, this garden had both peacocks AND a really interesting wall in it. The wall was constructed to look like it was melting, and hidden in the “melting” rock was faces, animals, all sorts of things. 

He’s the duck Prague deserves, but not the one it needs right now.

I love the way the houses curve, this is a spot farther upriver from the charles bridge.

I love the way the houses curve, this is a spot farther upriver from the charles bridge.

The waterside was amazing, you can see the infamous Charles Bridge in the edge of the panorama.

Some streetside oddities, and a SWAN’S NEST? I didn’t even know that was a thing.

Some views of the main drag in Prague.

146 Moments

This is a video project I worked on during my travels, check it out! Finishing this has also jumpstarted this blog for me, so I will be sure to finish posting pictures from the last few months soon! Stay posted!

Some final shots of the endless fields in the Austrian countryside. It was beautiful, there’s nothing quite like Austria in summer.

While visiting my roommate’s town, I was even able to help with the Maibaum tradition, which involves hoisting up a massive pole with wreaths and a christmas tree on it. Something I found hilarious was that neighboring towns all try to steal each other’s Maibuams, so some towns can’t do this ceremony, because their Maibaum has been stolen.

My roommate was kind enough to show me his hometown, a small town outside of Linz. It was beautiful, farmland surrounded everything, it was really neat to see!

Some more views, this time from Postlingberg, a hill overlooking Linz.

Views over the Danube in Linz!

One of the best parts about Budapest was the amazing baths. Inside the main building in the second picture was 15-20 pools, each of very specific temperatures. 

This was an awesome fairy-tale like castle we explored, and I honestly have no idea what it was. It was very beautiful though!

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